What Offseason Means in Big Sky in 2016

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Ahhhh, offseason. For much of my time in our seasonal resort town, that has meant a much-needed break from the demands of a busy customer service oriented winter or summer season. It’s a time to catch up on projects at home, binge watch Netflix and for many, a good deal of travelling across the country and even the world. Many of our restaurants and retail shops in town have traditionally reduced their hours or even closed for a short amount of time, and it was not uncommon to drive home from yoga class on Saturday morning without passing a single car on the road.

But all that seems to be changing. A few nights ago while catching up with a few friends at Beehive Basin Brewery, the common thread amongst this group with a diverse makeup of jobs throughout town was, “Well, I’m not really getting much of an offseason this year. Working all the way through.”

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The construction industry is rapidly working to get as far as they can on current projects before the snow really starts to pile up. Restaurants and hotels are realizing there’s a growing group of folks to feed and serve even after the resorts close for the seasons. The retail shops are busy unpackaging the latest ski equipment in preparation for the Christmas rush.

At Big Sky Resort, while the hotels and restaurants may be closed to the public, there’s an abundance of activity to finish the two new lifts they’ve been busy installing this summer in time for their traditional Opening Day on Thanksgiving Day.

So this year, for many of us, that “House of Cards” marathon will have to wait. There’s work to do.

Above: A helicopter flying in new towers for the brand new "Powder Seeker" lift which will replace the Lone Peak Triple Chair. The crews are hard at work to ensure the new lifts are ready for Opening Day next month. (Photo Courtesy of Big Sky Resort)

Above: Beehive Basin Brewery won't be closing down at all this offseason. It's the perfect place to unwind after a long day of offseason work. (Photo Courtesy of Beehive Basin Brewery) Be sure to visit our Business Directory for a list of other great local bars and restaurants to enjoy over the next few months.