On-site Construction Supervisor

Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley
Job Description
Position Description
Title: On-site Construction Supervisor
Reports to: Executive Director

Job summary:
Provide on-site supervision of construction of homes according to the plans, drawings, and local
codes as required by the community in which we are building and as approved by the Board of
Directors. Provide guidance and instruction to volunteers, church groups, business groups, and
any other group(s) that volunteer in the construction of the home and ensure their work meets our
standards of quality workmanship.

Full responsibility for all contractors to see that they fulfill their contractual obligations to the
standards as stated in their accepted bid, to our standards, and comply of local codes. To see that
all errors or omissions are corrected prior to releasing final payment to the contractor by
notifying the Executive Director that the contractor has fulfilled his obligations to our standards
and expectations and are compliant with their bid.

Develop projected costs/budget on all building projects, work with the ReStore staff and other
Construction Supervisors to maximize the use of donated building material, supplies, cabinets,
equipment, tools etc. for use on all construction projects. Implement construction plans
according to projected budget keeping Executive Director informed of all costs, bids, and
changes to approved plans.

Keep the Executive Director informed of the performance of the contractors and to keep him/her
appraised of the progress on the construction of the house so that all outside contractors can be
scheduled accordingly. All contract work should be done during our normal construction hours
and days of operation.

• Licensed building contractor with a minimum of two years-experience in building
residential homes and project management
• Or completion of a four-year apprenticeship program as a carpenter, an associate degree
or vocational/technical degree

Must be able to:
Ø Demonstrate ability to adhere to standard construction practices
Ø Demonstrate ability to handle construction equipment and knowledge of safety
procedures and practices according to OSHA standards
Ø Ability to operate a computer, able to communicate through e-mail with the
Executive Director, volunteers, and coworkers
Ø Ability to communicate orally and in writing; provide instructions to unskilled
volunteer workers
Ø Ability to communicate skillfully with Habitat for Humanity partner families,
board members, vendors, and others involved with Habitat for Humanity of
Gallatin Valley, Inc.
Ø Demonstrated ability to work with small and large groups during the construction
Ø Demonstrate ability to be able to talk to groups of people about the work of
Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley and our programs
Ø Obtain Certified Red Cross First Aid training and adult cardiopulmonary
resuscitation (CPR)
Ø Must possess a valid Montana driver’s license and reliable vehicle

Job knowledge:
You must be able to meet the standards of government building codes, read and understand
building plans, blueprints, and be able to supervise volunteer work crews, coordinate
subcontractors and suppliers, and bring projects to completion on time and within budget. You
must be aware of guidelines for construction provided by Habitat for Humanity International and
those of Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley, Inc.

Physical requirements
Must be in good physical, and mental health, and be able to lift objects in excess of 75 pounds.
Must be able to demonstrate the ability to work and move around on a construction site including
climbing ladders and working from heights safely.

Working conditions
Working conditions will be at various construction sites, many of which will be outdoors.
Working conditions: including inclement weather, lifting heavy objects and hazardous conditions
including heights normal to the construction of residential housing.

Normal hours are Tuesday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hours can fluctuate due to weather
conditions, volunteer groups and the building cycle. On occasions you will be required to work
Monday through Friday to address the needs of volunteer groups coming to work on the job site.
All overtime must be approved prior to it being incurred by the Executive Director.

Personnel policies and practices
This position is a full-time position and falls within the Personnel Policies of Habitat for
Humanity of Gallatin Valley, Inc. Because this is a full-time position you will be required to sign
off on the current Personnel Manual and be familiar with the benefits, limitations and restrictions
that are part of this organization’s operating practices.

Major Responsibilities
1. Establish budgets and see that bids are obtained and implemented according to plans
approved by Board of Directors or the Executive Director
2. Make wise use of donated material, cabinets, supplies and keep the standard of “…as new
or as good as new…” for all material used in our construction projects
3. Provide supervision at the job site and at any ongoing construction projects being
performed for Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley, Inc.
4. Schedule daily work for crews and volunteers
5. Provide supervision and training to work crews as necessary
6. Provide a safe work environment that complies with OSHA safety and health
administration requirements
7. Provide Safety training to volunteers working on HfHGV projects
8. Maintain a daily log for volunteers – including seeing that all waiver forms, are signed
and kept up to date via our volunteer platform VolunteerHub
9. Identify potential crew leaders (in our system) to assist and provide training as needed to
groups, such as Women Build, business work groups or special events
10. Protect site materials and tools from theft, vandalism and weather damage. All
unfinished building materials, tools, equipment must be protected.
11. Return unused materials to construction trailers
12. Other duties as required

Please send cover letter and resume to jdavid@habitatbozeman.org
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