Mental and Behavioral Health Liaison

Morningstar Learning Center
Job Description

Mental and Behavioral Health Liaison 

The Organizations 

Morningstar Learning Center (Morningstar) and Discovery Academy (Discovery) are nonprofit 
early education providers in Big Sky, Montana. Morningstar is a full-time, year-round, state-
licensed childcare center serving ages 6 months through 6 years, and Discovery is an 
independent Montessori program with a preschool for ages 3-5 as well as lower and upper 
schools through grade 12. Both schools invest in the personal and professional growth of staff 
and prioritize providing a safe and enriching learning environment for our students. 

The Opportunity 

Morningstar and Discovery strive to support all students in their growth and wellbeing, of which 
mental and behavioral health are integral components. The Mental and Behavioral Health 
Liaison is a newly created role to provide students, families, and staff with individual support, 
comprehensive resources, targeted training, and positive strategies for promoting mental and 
behavioral health. The goal of the Liaison’s work is to foster a safe, supportive, and inclusive 
learning environment for Morningstar and Discovery students. 


Direct Student Support 

●Build trust and relationships with students by regularly spending time in classrooms
●Provide support to students aged 6 months to 6 years who may need additional supportacting in accordance with classroom expectations.
●Meet with students in individual or small group settings as appropriate.
●Serve as a mandatory reporter for child protection and safety.

Family Support 

●Maintain accurate, confidential records pertaining to individual students and families.
●Participate in or be present for all appropriate school occasions (ex. Parent Nights)
identified by Morningstar and Discovery leadership teams.
●Create resource hub for families and community members to access as needed
●Develop mental and behavioral health newsletter or other regular communication
●Connect families with area resources including but not limited to family counselors,
Family Outreach, Childcare Connections, etc.
●Communicate regularly with families to promote student progress

Staff and Community Training 

●Plan and facilitate two professional learning sessions per year to help staff develop skillsin supporting children’s mental and behavioral health
●Plan and facilitate two community learning sessions per year focused on increasinggeneral awareness of mental and behavioral health issues as well as promoting positiveand supportive responses among families and community members to mental andbehavioral health issues

School Support 

●Provide equal support to teachers, students, and families in both schools.
●In consultation with the school leadership and collaboration with staff, develop andimplement a social-emotional learning-based framework and programming that supportsstudent mental and behavioral health
●Coach teachers in appropriate teaching, classroom management, behavioral support, andmindfulness strategies to ensure individual learners’ needs are met and that they are ableto meet classroom and individual goals and expectations.
●Work with staff to resolve issues and conflict arising from behavioral issues, includingpersonalized responses and intervention strategies
●Communicate regularly with school leadership, staff, and families to ensure consistencyin the approach to support individual learners and small groups.

Other duties may be assigned to support students and staff. 


Competencies and Expectations 

-Becoming/remaining current with licensing requirements for the state of Montana
-Growth mindset
-Commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest research, guidance, and best practicesrelated to mental and behavioral health
-Data-based decision making
-Ability to work independently
-Commitments to antiracism and decreasing the stigma of mental health


-Bachelor’s degree in education, psychology, or related field required
-Graduate degree or licensure in mental health counseling preferred



-This position will be officially employed by Morningstar Learning Center and willsupport both Morningstar and Discovery, reporting to the Center Director of Morningstarand Head of Lower School at Discovery.

Salary and Benefits 

- This will be a full-time position with a salary of $40-50,000 DOE. Benefits include 
$400/month towards health insurance, an annual $600 wellness stipend, 401k with 3% 
employer match, paid holidays and time off, and professional development opportunities. 




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