Pantry Cook at Buck's T-4

Buck's T-4 Lodging & Dining
Job Description

Buck's T-4 is seeking a qualified Pantry Cook.  The Pantry Cook consistantly executes preparation, seasoning and cooking of all food, sweet and savory, on regular menus, specials, and banquets.  Works with the Executive Chef in developing standard soups, salads, baking and pastry recipes.

Responsibilities include:
  • Prepare baking and pastry items for all menus and events on a regular basis or for special guests or functions.
  • Check the quantity and quality of received products.
  • Estimate amounts of required supplies to properly fill out prep sheets.
  • Informs Executive Chef or Forager when product needed for production is insufficient to properly perform duties.
  • Is aware of rotation timing of all food inventory; maintains and enforces proper rotation of product with fellow team members at all times.
  • Inspects supplies, equipment and work areas to ensure conformance to established standards.
  • Follow sanitation practices, standards and regulations.
  • Record production and operational data on specified forms.
  • Assist in the preparation of savory menu items and line service if required or level of baking and pastry workload allows.
Required Skills and Qualifications:
  • Basic knowledge of food and beverage products as well as all chemical and non food items as they pertain to the daily functions of each property.  These include, but aren't limited to: seasona and perishable produce, seasonal and perishable proteins, basic soaps, cleansers, sanitizers, and non food dry goods such as containers, equipment, etc.
  • Knowledge of raw materials, food production processes, quality control, costs and other techniques for maximizing the effective production and services of prepared food.
  • Basic knowledge of the chemical composition, structure and properties of substances and the chemical processes and transformations that they undergo.  This primarily pertains to materials used for cleaning and sanitation.
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